Sworn translations are translations that have been certified before a legal officer, and as such have the same legal value as the original document. This certification is generally required for certificates, diplomas, contracts, letters of engagement, establishing acts, trial documents and, as a rule, in all cases in which it is necessary to officially certify that the content of the translation corresponds to the original.
In Italy, in order to certify a translation, the translator must appear before a legal officer and read out a statement presented together with the documents translated, in which s/he declares that the translation is a faithful rendering of the original and is free from omissions and defects of form. By signing the declaration, the translator officially assumes civil and criminal liability for his/her translation. These sworn declarations render the translation legally valid vis-à-vis foreign entities, institutions and authorities.
Translations may be officially sworn before a court officer, a justice of the peace or a notary.
Sworn translations are superior in importance to non-sworn translations, and it is essential that they be carried out by a qualified professional. “studio Ligabue” entrusts these translations to professionals specialising in legal translation, in order to guarantee quality the client can trust. We are also able to provide Legalisation and Apostilles for our sworn translations.


Translations required for consular authorities or embassies must be carried out by a sworn translator, i.e. a translator registered with a court in Italy. In such cases, detailed information must be obtained on the procedure to be followed.
In other cases, no such certification or registration with a court is required of the translator. It is nonetheless wise to obtain information on what is required in advance.