Created in Reggio Emilia in 1979, Ligabue Paola & C Sas, now owned by, today offers a range of services that include translation, interpreting and events organisation, providing support to companies in processes geared towards internationalisation. From the early days covering the areas of Reggio Emilia, Parma and Modena, our company’s horizons have broadened out to take in the whole Italian territory. Thanks to our network of co-operators, partners and freelancers and the high-tech quality of the “remote” work carried out, we are able to provide support for both national and international projects.

The businesses that have entrusted their translation, interpreting and recruitment requirements to “studio Ligabue” belong to a huge variety of categories, and thanks to both our in-house skills and those of an extensive network of freelancers working into their native language, we are able to offer services not only to the “traditional” ceramic, metalworking and mechanical engineering, textile and food industries the local area is best known for, in which we are able to boast sound, lengthy experience in technical translation work and skills profiling services; we are also able to provide support to businesses in the manufacturing, services and trade sectors with specific needs in terms of both translating and interpreting.

The expertise acquired over the years in dealing with foreign languages and skills management has allowed “studio Ligabue” to build up an effective working network with professionals in many areas worldwide.
The range of services offered is completed by our events organisation division, which include “turnkey” services for conventions and meetings. This evolution in the activities carried out by “studio Ligabue” is the natural consequence of our hallmark approach, designed to provide services as well as operative support: since globalisation began to take on a dominant role in the world of business, companies are increasingly compelled to place liaising and communication services at the forefront of their operations.

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Translating and interpreting services have been our core business since 1979. Our in-house staff works hand in hand with over 750 professional translators.
Offering a quality service is of the essence for us, so our skilled, experienced freelancers translate into their native language only, and all of their work is subsequently double-checked and revised in-house.
Translation is the art of transferring meaning from one language to another. This process requires in-depth knowledge not only of the grammar and vocabulary of both the source and target languages, but also of the cultures in which they are spoken. Thus, no type of oral or written input in one language can be translated literally into another without taking account of the huge, ceaseless cultural evolution both languages are an expression of.

Here at “studio Ligabue”, specific terminology, idiomatic expressions and elements of localisation are continually researched and updated, with dedicated glossaries created and revised regularly.
For any business operating abroad, seeking to gain a foothold in new markets or establish new commercial partnerships, it is of the utmost importance to acquire quality translations of their manuals, catalogues, website and any other tools they are equipped with.

Over the years, the number of languages we deal with has grown to a huge extent, as a result of globalisation and the process of opening out towards new markets.
The core translation and interpreting combinations - Italian-English, Italian-French, Italian-German and Italian-Spanish and reverse - traditionally requested by local businesses have gradually been joined (and indeed almost overtaken in terms of volume and number of orders) by an increasing request for Italian-Russian, Italian-Chinese, Italian-Portuguese, Italian-Arabic translations.
Since legislation and culture are complex areas and can differ widely from one country to another, businesses are often compelled to have sworn translations made, some of which also require legalisation and apostilles in order for their meaning to be incontrovertibly, legally accepted by all parties concerned. Therefore, sworn translation and legalisation of documents translated also form part of the complementary services we offer.



By its very nature, written translation goes hand in hand with interpreting. Interpreting consists of transferring a phrase or speech from one language to another. "Interpreting" is an umbrella term, however, under which comes a range of different services: liaison interpreting, simultaneous interpreting, consecutive interpreting and chuchotage (whispered interpreting).
Liaison and simultaneous are the most widely requested forms of interpreting for numerous types of events, from international conferences to interviews with foreign personalities, as well as work meetings in which participants speak different languages. Simultaneous, liaison, consecutive and whispered interpreting all require excellent professional skills in the interpreter’s native language, but in choosing interpreters, careful consideration is given not only to their language abilities, but also to their personal skills and their approach to the client and the situation their services are required for.
The quality of interpreting services is based on the professional skills and approach of the individual providers, who must be able to pick up on every nuance of a speech delivered in a foreign language, containing a wealth of those cultural references that are part and parcel of the language concerned.
This is why entrusting such a delicate task to anyone other than a trained professional is likely to simply be a waste of resources. In addition, poor professional skills or incompetence in handling the interpreting aspect may have a negative impact on the outcome of the encounter or even result in failure to achieve the desired result. This is why flexibility, motivation, a professional approach and excellent language skills are qualities possessed by every interpreter “studio Ligabue” works with.


Events Organisation

Turnkey Convention Service

Our Meeting Service takes care of every single detail for any occasion: conventions, meetings, gala dinners, inaugurations, open days, celebrations, shows and events of all kinds, both in the province of Reggio Emilia and beyond.








P. Ligabue Scientific director
L. Masieri Project Manager in
translations and interpreting
L. Palladini Project Manager in
translations and interpreting
F. Piccinini Sales director Technical and administrative